Learn Lean Lead

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves- Victor E. Frankl

Learning is the 1st step towards any journey in our life so for any achievement and the programming starts right from the day we are born or maybe before that. Humans learn from each and everything they are exposed to and it continues forever. The basic difference between humans and Machine is that machines are not self-aware and they do only what they are programmed but humans apart from being programmed also have the capability to be aware of themselves but this is not very easy as it seems. There are multiple areas of life where self-awareness is used and thus becomes important to understand.  Few examples are what makes you happy, What are your strength and weakness, Why do you like particular music, are you getting influenced intrinsically or extrinsically etc.

Also the most important part of Learning is to identify the purpose which you

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